sapphireone (sapphireone) wrote,

I Need My Monster

book coverI Need My Monster by Amanda Noll. Illustrated by Howard McWilliam Young Ethan is shocked at bedtime to discover that his personal under-the-bed monster, Gabe, has gone on vacation for a week. Since he can’t possibly get to sleep without a monster, he sends for a substitute – but can any one else can live up to his exacting monster standards? It’s a fun and unusual premise, and the pictures match perfectly. They are (according to the note) pencil on paper filled in with digital acrylic paint. It’s a vivid style reminiscent of Pixar, with lots of inventive monsters and Ethan’s big-eyed reactions. This is perfect both for kids enamored of monsters, as mine is, and could help those afraid of monsters to put a more pleasant spin on them.
Tags: monsters, picture books
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